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"QontRast" Collection :
Lenticulaire & NFT

YouNs is a digital artist who is inspired by different worlds for his creations. Indeed, Street Art, Pop Art and Photography are part of his artistic universe. Inspired by his generation, travels and also by the messages that cover the walls of cities around the world.

YouNs launch a new collection in 2022 called “QontRast”.

One year ago, this idea crossed my mind. In this new 3.0 world of ours. In our matrixed generation, where everything is coded, scanned or has its own QR code, I was deeply inspired and aimed to make virtual what is real.

Inspired to make something with a noble and distinguished sens, something authentic and tangible. In this new world of ours where you need a QR code to grab food, I needed to beautify this reality. Why lenticular art? For the simple reason, to animate my artworks. Our world is getting digitized but in a locked-up box. The real is taking the fold this time, moving, revolting, before our eyes. In our same world where NFT is becoming a tendency exploding the web, invading our life and being sold in million euros, I got this artistic necessity and emergency flashing in my heart and head to create an insolent artwork to save the art that we used to know,love and admire. I don’t see things in black or white either, and this is why my artworks are colored and full of life. Indeed every physical artwork has it’s own NFT and every single NFT owes back it’s physical artwork. Real and digital are getting along, it’s not either this or that, or the digital against the real. It’s both, coming along together. Living the present without throwing or forgetting the valuable past. Living it all together is in this work of mine.

If my artwork represents women, it’s because of my deep obsession of representing them in a rewarding project. I love their shades, contradictions, power. Nothing can compete with the emotion a women portrait fills me with. I can’t explain why but it is what it is. 

Nothing compares to HER beauty or power. And in our era where they tend to sell everything and anything with a women’s naked body, here, in this painting, the QR code belongs to it’s goddess. It’s her own playing rules. She’s no longer for sale. She’s the game master. She has the secret. Her, and no one else. 

If this collection is named “Qontrast” it’s because the painting is shaded with the QR code, which explains the bright colors. “QontRast” suits well these women that carry my project.  They don’t have to be perfect like they always thought they should,with all the surrounded rules set by society. Here, everything is contrasted. 

Once more, no black or white. And if this particular project is in my heart, it’s because of a very particular personal reason that I decided to make it see the light. 

Because I truly think that an artist needs to expose oneself. 

I spoke few years ago with my cousin about the need to dedicate my work for women, only women. 

I didn’t knew how, but I only knew that for me, nothing could be more classy or evocative. He pushed me in this direction but this idea was locked up in my mind, hidden with a QR code.

My cousin, Steeve, left us. I miss him everyday but can see him through my artwork. He believed in me more often than I believed in myself. One morning, this idea crossed my half sleepy head. I can’t tell why but I know it was him. “QontRast” pays tribute to him.