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Digital Artist

There are artists for whom the passion for art is anchored in the genes, in childhood. This is the case of Yoni Lallouche alias Youns, present in Contemporary Art for 4 years and become essential for aficionados of the street-art microcosm. Having grown up in the Parisian suburb of 95, very early his gaze is focused on the graffiti that stamps his daily life. But it is in adolescence that everything changes for the Franco-Israeli. During the RER journey, he observes the tags that punctuate his way to the capital and tries to decipher them. To note those who were not there the day before or on the contrary those who resist the passage of time. He developed an attraction for this artistic expression as much by the vivacity of the colors as by the play of shadows. The story could end there, but unfortunately it is a tragic event that turns the teenager with the budding passion upside down. At 16, one of his friends had his leg amputated after having a train accident while tagging. In order to pay tribute to him, Youns buys his first Posca and immortalizes his first graffiti. This is how his friends baptized him Youns, arty alter ego to whom he owes his artist name today. He moved to Tel Aviv and opened his concept store MyPrinty at the age of 23. Within this company, he experimented with digital art in all its forms and, one thing leading to another, he returned to his first love. Passionate about photography and photo editing, he learned the ins and outs of Photoshop. Truly self-taught, Youns inscribes his own identity and it is by working with his imagination that he integrates his pop'art DNA but also the vestiges of the urban culture of his adolescence. He evolves and expresses himself more and more through montages gathering photos of street-art that he shoots and touches of paintings, collages or varnishes. "You dream and you realize" Youns' first creation is "Le Lion", a melting pot of classic photography and elements of street art and pop art that are dear to him. His goal? Juxtapose 3 universes in a single work. The most? A point of honor focused on the mixture of materials, matte and gloss thanks to the varnish that provides a relief effect, and finally the total mastery of selective resin. Digital art becomes his leitmotif, and while he exhibits in his shop one of his first creations printed on brushed aluminum, these first admirers jostle. The machine is launched and Youns' artistic career takes off in no time. In Israel, he threw himself brilliantly into creation and was quickly exhibited in a gallery in Tel Aviv. In less than a year, Youns travels and is sought after by several galleries in Europe. Following his meteoric rise, the caviar of pop comes to him and the French artist is contacted by the world of music, fashion and cinema to make collaborations. His next projects? Continue to make people dream, to awaken curiosity and light in their eyes. If Youns' paintings are today at the center of his current identity, his desire to share his creativity pushes him to experiment with other visions in the sandstone of his inspirations.